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The (Bakulahs,   バクラー?, Bakurā) were two insect kaiju that appeared in episode 19 and 20 of the TV series Spectreman.


  • Hypnotism: Bakulah can hypnotise people into doing as it pleases.
  • Flight: Bakulah can fly at high speeds.
  • Psychic: Bakulah can use psychic powers to manipulate foes or different items.
  • Energy Beam: Bakulah can shot a beam from its mouth that can deflect energy based attacks.
  • Human Form: Bakulah's can take on human forms based on their original victims. The queen has a notable difference where in her human form the ears are larger.


Only applied to the queen Bakulah, when the parasite in its stomach is removed, the queen dies.


Episode 19[]

Another one of Dr. Gori's evil creations, two Bakulahs took shelter in a vacant house where they would attack anyone who entered. Eventually one of Jôji's friends and wife bought the house and were the attacked by one of the Bakulah's who took the form of one of it's older victims and started to hypnotize the two. When Jôji came back to check on them he saves them but, would cause the one Bakulah (who took the form of a woman resident from before) to become its true form. Jôji then became Spectreman and fights the monster. The two seemed even matched even when Bakulah used his psychic powers to repel the Nebula Slices but, when it tries to fly away Spectreman uses the Spectre-Flash and explodes. From this the other Bakulah (the queen) grows into its true form.

Episode 20[]

Bakulah then attacked the city and after a brief skirmish with the army, the monster eventually flies away. it is discovered that Bakulah has made a nest inside a volcano with several eggs in it and plans to use its hypontised victims (including Jôji's friend and wife) as food. Bakulah, along with Karas calls on his minions and gathers them near the nest where he sends them to kill some hikers, despite Jôji's friends not cooperating. Spectreman then appears to save the two. He then grows to giant size and locates the nest, then proceeding to take two oil tankers and drop them into the nest causing all the eggs to exploded. Bakulah then appears to challenge Spectreman and both dueled each other. Bakulah used his psyhic powers to throw Spectreman around. Sepctreman soon discovers the queen's weakness in that when the parasite in its stomach is removed it dies. With this, Spectreman removes the parasite and the last Bakulah collapses, dead.

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