(Deceitman ,   デサイトマン?, Desaitoman) is a creation of Dr. Gori that appeared in Spectreman. Deceitman was built to be a robotic duplicate of Spectreman.

Subtitle: (Cyborg Monster,   サイボーグ怪獣?, Saibōgu Kaijū)

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Energy Beam: From its fingertips, Deceitman can charge and launch an explosive, blue energy beam.

History Edit

Spending countless hours researching, the mad space ape man, Dr. Gori, crafted an anti-Spectreman. Dubbed Deceitman, the machine was unleashed upon the bronze giant. Matching the warrior blow for blow, the apex of Dr. Gori’s work seemed to have the upper hand. Both combatants launched their trademark blasts, but it was Spectreman that would walk out alive. Both hit at the same time, but Deceitman was unable to withstand the tremendous power of the Spectre-Flash.

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