Gokinosaurus II (ゴキノザウルス II Gokinozaurusu II) is revived Gokinosaurus that appeared in episode 27 of Spectreman.

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Hurricane Winds: Gokinosaurus II can produce powerful winds with his wings.
  • Thick Hide: Gokinosaurus’ back and most its body is covered in an exoskeleton stronger than steel.

History Edit

The bug-like kaiju return months later during a kaiju war started by Dr. Gori himself. To prove which of his creations was the best, he pitted them against one another. Arriving on scene, the insect was challenged by the ape’s latest creation: Silver Robo. Against such firepower, Gokinosaurus was quickly destroyed in an attempt to retreat.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 27, Gokinosaurus suit was a little modified: the head and eyes were modified.