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Subtitle Remote Control Monster (リモコン怪獣,   Rimokon Kaijū?)
Aliases Midron

Great Magumon (Jaguarman)

Status Deceased
Gender Unknown
Species Kaiju
Physical Information
Forms Kaiju,
Bones (dead)
Height 35 meters
Length Unknown
Weight 50,000 tons
Eye color Black
Relationships and Affiliations
Controlled by Karas
Allies Dr. Gori


Enemies Spectreman
Other Information
First appearance Spectreman episode 3, "The Threat of Zeron !"
Latest appearance Spectreman episode 3, "The Threat of Zeron !"

Midoron (ミドロン,   Midoron?) is a kaiju that appears in the third episode of Spectreman



Midoron resembles some dinosaurs who walked on all fours. It is greyish-blue in color, has four legs it uses to walk, a long tail and a long neck. Its head has three horns at the top, its snout is long and has a horn on it. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth and a forked tongue.


"Terror of the Blue Scum" (episode 3)[]

Still stinging from his defeat by the mysterious Spectreman, Dr. Gori dispatched Karas with the lizard monster Midoron. Making the saurian grow to a gigantic size, the gorilla-like goon ordered the dragon to attack a small village. Using its mist, the monster made short work of the town before it moved on to a nearby dam. Luckily for humanity, it only took two of self-defense jets to drive the monster away from the dam.  Soon after the planes, Spectreman arrived on the scene. Unbeknownst to the robot hero, Midoron was but a mere diversion to keep Spectreman busy while Dr. Gori completed his subterranean base. The titanic saurian attacked the warrior from the stars with unrelenting fury, but Spectreman was just too powerful. Never once growing to his maximum height, the robot warrior vanquished the monster with a combination of hand-to-hand techniques and his Spectre-Flash, reducing the dinosaur-like kaiju to bones.


  • Toxic Mist: From its mouth, Midoron can release a highly toxic, green mist.


  • Midoron was portrayed in stop-motion and in some instances, a hand puppet.
  • The origin of the name is from blue and midoro which in Japanese means cement.
  • Midoron first appeared in the unaired Jaguarman pilot, being named "Great Magumon. He then properly appeared in the Spectreman (series) pilot.
  • When Midoron appeared in Jaguarman, he possessed the roars of the famous Toho monsters, Godzilla and Rodan.
  • Midoron possess a modified Barugon roar, with metal door creeks as growls.
  • In one of Spectreman pictures, Midoron spew flames. But sadly, he is not do this special attack in the series.
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