Mitsuzu-Ryu is a kaiju that appeared in Spectreman episodes 32 and 33.

Appearances Edit

  • Episode 32: The Three Headed Dragon
  • Episode 33: The Three Headed Dragon

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Oil: This kaiju can release oil from the end of its tail, while not used as a weapon because its useless as a weapon, it is used to pollute areas.
  • "Rock Mouth": This kaiju can launch a pile of pink rocks from its mouth, capable of smashing buildings and push or even make its enemies fall down.
  • Tail: This kaiju can grab things with its tail, can also grab its enemies and throw them away.
  • Flight: This kaiju can fly.
  • Shower: This kaiju can shoot water from the tip of its tail, it works like a shower.
  • Burrowing: This kaiju can also travel pretty fast underground.

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