Mogunetudon II (モグネチュードン II Mogunechūdon II) is revived Mogunetudon that appeared in episode 27 of Spectreman.

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Fire Stream: Mogunetudon can breath a stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Second Head: Located on the monster’s tail. Is a catfish-like second head, which can bite and attack when need be.

History Edit

Mogunetudon reappears in episode 27.

Later Gori Revived Mogunetudon, Nezubirdon, Gokinosaurus, Baronsaurus, Satan King and sent Mogz to test their new experiment: Silver Robo.The first appearance of Mogunetudon is when he rise from the ground at the same time that Baronsaurus and Silver Robo were fighting. Silver Robo caught Baronsaurus by the tail and threw it toward in Mogunetudon's direction, Mogunetudon released at the same time a steam of Fire from his Mouth killing Baronsaurus. Angry, Mogunetudon attacked Silver Robo with his flamethrower but had no effect in Silver Robo. Then Silver Lobo cut the head of Mogunetudon using his Arms Blades.

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