NOTE: This is an article about the first Mogz. For the second one, see Mogz/Revived.

Mogz (モッグス MoggusuWas a Monster that appears in the TV series: Spectreman. Episodes 27 and 62.

Subtitle: Playing Monster (再生怪獣 - Saisei Kaijū)

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Smokescreen: Mogz can exhale a blinding, white gas from its mouth. Can cover an entire area in seconds. He uses this in order to escape from foes.


Gori sent Mogz to test his new creation, Silver Robo.

During the fight Mogz uses his smokescreen to escape the attacks of Silver Lobo, but Mogz was found easily because Silver Lobo could hear the kaiju's roar and then Silver Lobo used his Arm's Blades to cut Mogz. Mogz fell on a rock and bled to death.

Mogz II Edit

Main article: Mogz/Revived


In episode 27, Mogz is the only Kaiji to fight Silver Robo as An original Monster while all other monsters that eappeared in the episodes are revived monsters.

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