Moonthunder (ムーンサンダ Moonsanda) is a kaiju that appeared in episodes 34 and 35 of the series Spectreman. While not antagonistic in any way, Moonthunder is a highly territorial creature and is very protective of his eggs and offspring, leading his to viciously attack anything e deems to be a threat.

Appearances Edit

  • Episode 34: The Moon dweller's revenge
  • Episode 35: The Moon dweller's revenge

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Flight: Moonthunder is able to fly at great speeds.
  • Explosive Flahes: Moonthunder is able to emit explosive flahes from its crest.

History Edit

Episode 34 Edit

Moonthunder was originally a creature that lived on the moon with its eggs that were dubbed moon stones by Earth's scientists. Moonthunder rose from the ground and attacked a american space shuttle that carried the last of one its eggs. When the shuttle blew up the egg landed in San Francisco Bay whise the monster crahed and attacked a ship and the Golden Gate Bridge before reclaiming its egg. Dr. Gori even saw the monster's power and wanted it destroy more despite it not being his monster. It then flew and went to find its next egg in New York City. When attacking the lab containing the egg, Spectreman appeared and attacked the monster. While managing to remove the armor plates on its body, Spectreman was no match for the creatures power retreated away when it got its egg back. With that Spectreman learned that they were no ordinary rocks but, the creatures eggs.

Episode 35 Edit

Moonthunder was then able to reclaim its two othis eggs in London and in Paris before heading to Japan for the last egg. The scientists, army, and Pollution G-Men went to great lengths to protect the moon stone which they did not know was actually the monsters egg. When the monster landed, the monster was able to get the last egg after a brief struggle before flying back into space, only to be downed by the armies attacks. Joji, wanting to help the monster and its eggs back into space, transformed into Spectreman. Just then, Moonthunder's eggs hatched and flew into the sky. The army continued its attack the monster and despite Spectreman's pleas to help it only resulted in being attacked by Moonthunder. With the monster also attacking the people near by, he was forced to combat the creature. During their fight, both giants ended up falling into a crater near a volcano. With Moonthunder and Spectreman's disappearance, Moonthunder was declared dead. Moonthunder's five children flew off into space to live out the rest of their lives in peace.

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