Planet E

Planet E is the home planet of the Ape-men.

It is around 40,000 light years away from our sun, and is the fifth planet out from its sun. Planet E is among the most civilized and sophisticated planets in the whole universe.

History Edit

Planet E used to be a peaceful planet. One day, the Ape-men chose Dr. Gori as their leader as he was a great scientist with IQ far above that any human could attain, however, they've made a mistake. Gori believed that the technology of his planet was being wasted on peaceful objectives. Gori began to design and manufacture deadly weapons which could overthrow the government of his planet and extend the domination of his kind to other planets in the universe. Fortunately, his plan became known to the government before he could carry it out. Dr. Gori was found guilty. In their society, there was no need for a death sentece, people's minds could be altered so their evil and disagreeable nature no longer existed. An army officer, Karas, helped Dr. Gori escape the planet before the sentence could be carried out. Gori and Karas left their solar system in a flying saucer.

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