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Salamandar is a kaiju that appeared in episodes 28 and 29 of the TV series Spectreman.


  • Episode 28: The Salamander
  • Episode 28: The Salamander


  • Tongue: Salamandar's tongue is very long and is able to wrap around and burn it's victims
  • Fire Breath: Salamandar can breath a stream of fire from it's mouth


A monster of Japanese myth and legend, Dr.Gori created his next monster Salamandar out of the myth out of its likeness. The monster first kills a hunter and later went to a local village, a search party and the Pollution G-Men were looking for the monster, Salamandar appeared started to destroy the village. Later that night, sveral army jets tried to attack him but, all were brought down by him. In the morning two of the G-Men members use ropes and attached themselves to it but, grew angry from this so Jôji transformed into Spectreman to save them. Once out of the way the two titans fought but, the whole fight seemed to be in the monster's favor. To add to Salamandar's favor, he uses his fire breath and weld's Spectreman's eyes shut causing him to lose his ability to fight and is forced to turn back to normal. The monster continued it's rampage and took down several more jet's before making it towards a hospital that Joji (now blind as the result of the fight) was staying at. During the mist of the chaos, several people were still stuck in the hospital that was about to crumble at Salamandar's fury. So, when Jôji was away from the group he became Spectreman and saved the people in side. During this time the Overlords tell him that to get his sight back he would have to find a electrical tower and be hit with enough voltage to get his eyesight back. The overlords even help to direct him into fighting the monster and to eventually find a tower and shocked himself and was able to see. Now with the playing field even, he is able to fight and then toss Salamandar away before being killed by Spectreman's Spectre-Flash.


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