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Satan King (サタンキング, Satan Kingu) is kaiju that appeared in episodes 25, 26 and 27 of the series: Spectreman.

Subtitle: Meteorite Monster (隕石怪獣, Inseki Kaijū)


  • Strength: Satan King is strong enough were he can resist several blows while giving several strong blows to foe
  • Armor: His skin works like armor, and it's very thick.
  • Darkness: Through some unknown technique, Satan King can cast the land and skies around it in night like darkness and his head glows red so he can see through the darkness.
  • Beam: Satan King can fire a yellow beam from his mouth that can cause explosions.


Coming from a meteor, Satan King appeared. Under the control of Doctor Gorii, the beast set about to destroy the Earth. Spectreman was summoned by the Over Lord and fought the monster, at the risk of getting his arm nearly destroyed. However, the beast's means of arrival, the meteor, had an unseen side effect. It's massive explosion killed the infant of the ancient monster, Magulah. Bursting from the ground, the enraged parent went on the offensive. The fighting parent was so persistant that Gori ordered Satan King to be brought back to the lab. The beast was released once more in the center of Tokyo, and it wasn't long before Magulah hunted it down. Armed with his new weapon, the Spectre-Gun, Spectreman destroyed Satan King once and for all.

Satan King II

Satan King II[]

Satan King was revived along with the likes of BaronsaurusGokinosaurusMogzNezubirdon and Mogunetudon to test out Gori's new cyborg. Satan King, however, was the first monster killed when it chose to fight Baronsauru s. After knocking down Baronsaurus, Satan King lept at the fallen saurian, only to be impaled by one of the dinosaur's tusks.


  • Satan King roar are modified car brake sounds.
  • In the English Dub the monster's name was King Satan, though Dr. Gori did call him by his original name once.
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