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Sphinx (スフィンクス Sufinkusu) is a kaiju based on the Egyptian Sphinx that made its only appearance in episode 38 of Spectreman.


The Sphinx is basically just an Egyptian Sphinx, but with sharp claws and a tail. The Sphinx also walks on all fours.


  • Episode 38: “Advance Towards the Sphinx!


  • Flight

    Burrowing: The Sphinx can burrow at medium speeds.
  • Flight: Inside of the Sphinx are three jets, allowing the Sphinx to fly.
  • Flotation: The Sphinx can float in water.
  • Reactivation: If shut down, the Sphinx can reactivate itself.
  • Transformation: If shut down twice, the Sphinx can transform into the Sphinx-Beast.


Episode 38[]

After Dr. Gori faked his death, his monsters still remained alive, and Sphinx was one of them. The Sphinx in egypt just randomly flew away, it landed in a river where two fisherman saw it. Sphinx later appeared in the city. After it destroyed the city it went to a forest. The anti-pollution squad sent a dynamite underneath it. The dynamite exploded and killed Sphinx, but then it got revived. Sphinx later appeared again, next to a bridge. The dynamites killed it again. Three Apemen were in Sphinx and mage to escape the Sphinx and attacked the squad. Dr. Gori later shows to be alive, and transformed the Sphinx into the Sphinx-Beast.


  • All three Sphinx monsters reuse the roars of the Large Dinosaur that appeared in the first episode of The Space Giants (also produced by P-Productions).
  • The Sphinx’s suit was most likely reused and modified for the Sphinx Beast



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