Vegaron (ベガロン Begaron) is a kaiju created by Dr. Gori. Vegaron first appeared in Spectreman episode 36.

Appearance Edit

Vegaron has a crocodile-like head, fins at the end of its arms and has wings which look like Dorako's, but completely red. Its eyes are brownish and has green scales.

Appearances Edit

  • Episode 36: The Monster hunters
  • Episode 37: Ape men from space

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Toxic webs: Vegaron can shoot toxic webs from top of his fingers on his hands.

History Edit

Episode 36 Edit

As Moonthunder and Spectreman fell into a vulcano while fighting each other, they both died. Dr. Gori unleashed Vegaron to finish the humans, as he knew that nothing can stop his monsters now. Suddenly, the revived Spectreman came and defeated Vegaron.

Episode 37 Edit

Dr. Gori sent Vegaron to be outside of his base, so Spectreman had to came and defeat him. They fought each other. Vegaron used his toxic webs and that really hurted Spectreman's leg, and that gave Vegaron a chance to attack. After a long fight, Spectreman defeated Vegaron.

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