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(Zariganid,   ザリガニンド?, Zariganindo) is a kaiju that appeared in episodes 30 and 31 of the TV series Spectreman.


  • Claws: Zariginad has claws that can pierce or cut foes.
  • Shell: Zariganid can hide in its shell for protection.
  • Air Breath: Zariganid can spew heavily concentrated air from its mouth.


Zariganid can be harmed by fire.


Episode 30[]

The newest creation of Dr. Gori that was to work together with another monster Spincobra. Zariganid first appeared rising out of the ocean when it discovered that the eggs it laid were being attacked and started to attack the seaside village. Jôji and his friend took several of the eggs and lured the monster away from the village and later Jôji separated from him and lured him further away where he was able to now turn into Spectreman. Both seemed to be equally matched and the hero finds his weakness, fire and use a tree that caught on fire to fight him and burn his one claw. Spectreman lost the tree and had to use his Spectre Blades to cut off one of his claws. His comm-rad Spincobra appeared and was able to toss Spectreman away, and has his claw regrown from the monsters seaweed. The two then manage to beat him and make their way to the light house.

Episode 31[]

When they make it to the lighthouse, Zariganid goes off to attack the village again but, comes back when they discover that more of the eggs were inside the lighthouse. Both monsters are then attacked by the army but, both manage to destroy the whole fleet and continue their assult. Spectreman appeared and the hero challenges the crab monster on shore but, retreats to his shell to take cover. Spectreman the goes off to save the lighthouse but, the brings Spincobra to shore and


then Spectreman picks him up and throws him at the seaweed monster and takes a another tree that is on fire and shoves it inside then shell. When his comm-rad goes to put out the flames, they are distracted long enough for Spectreman to use his Spectre-Flash and destroys both of them.


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