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Zeron (ゼロン Zeron) is a kaiju that appears in the TV series: Spectreman, episodes 3 and 4.

Subtitle: Underground Monster (地中怪獣 - Chichū Kaijū)


  • Episode 3: The Threat of Midoron!
  • Episode 4: Rah Search Among the Earthlings


  • Burrowing: Zeron can burrow at High speeds.


Created to lay the foundation for Dr. Gori’s underground base, Zeron was suddenly called off its tunneling task in order to protect Karas in his retreat from Spectreman. Bursting through the ground and demolishing several structures, the subterranean menace was quickly attacked by Spectreman. The iron hero battled the saurian relentlessly, but it was a futile effort. With one shot of his Spectre-Flash, Zeron was destroyed. However, its mission of buying Karas time to escape was a success and the ape scientist’s trusty henchman was able to return to his master safely.

Trivia []

  • Zeron was used as a monster in the pilot for “Spectreman” and the “Jaguar Man” pilot.
  • In the "Jaguarman" pilot, the monster was named "Mandolar", and used Baragon's and Magular's roars.
  • In episode 3, Zeron uses elephant sounds which would later be used for Mogz' death. Zeron's roars in episode 4 would be modified for Nezubirdon and Vegaron.
  • Later Zeron’s suit was used to make Magmasaurus.
  • Zeron's roars, along with Nezubirdon's and Midoron's, were used heavily in Tsuburaya's "Dinosaur Great War Izenborg" and "Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon".




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